At [Practice Name], we embrace new technology! We recognize that no two smiles are identical and there is an incredible value to creating a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your unique orthodontic needs.

We are proud and excited to have “LightForce Orthodontics” as one of our treatment options. From tooth scan to production, LightForce is the first truly digital system for braces!

What Are LightForce Braces?

LightForce braces are a more modern and efficient method of treatment compared to traditional metal braces. Using the power of 3D printing, LightForce’s clear braces are fully customized to fit your unique teeth.

How Does LightForce Benefit You?

Shorter Treatment Time: LightForce cases can finish up to 40% faster* than traditional braces, meaning less time that you have to wait to see your new smile.

Fewer Visits to the Orthodontists*: Spend less time at the orthodontist and more time living your life.

More Precise Fit: LightForce brackets are 100% personalized to fit your unique teeth.

A Discreet Look: Gone are the days of a mouth full of metal. LightForce’s clear, ceramic brackets offer a more subtle look.

Get the better braces experience with LightForce.  

*Based on data published by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics

How It Works

  1. Meet with [Dr Full Name] for a comprehensive evaluation to outline your particular needs
  2. The clinical assistant will take a digital scan of your teeth and bite. No more goopy molds!
  3. [Dr Full Name] uses the LightForce digital software to design your custom treatment plan.
  4. Based on your custom prescription from [Dr Last Name], LightForce designs and 3D prints your braces and sends them back to your orthodontist.
  5. Your better braces experience begins, getting you one step closer to the smile you’ve always dreamed of.